Custom Built Filter Press and DAF for Dewatering and Wastewater Treatment


Like most industrial processes mining uses lots of water, which produces lots of wastewater. Due to the remote nature of many mining sites, the high volumes of water used in their processes, and increasingly stringent regulations effective water management, recycle and reuse is an integral part of every project. Mine and Mineral industry wastewater contains a variety of effluents because of the close contact with various substrates throughout their processes, not limited to wash water, process acids, and leaching. Palmetto Wastewater Solutions understands your unique liquid solid separation requirements and industry best practices needed to keep your operation running efficiently, in compliance and under budget

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Why Palmetto Wastewater Solutions?

  • Decades of wastewater treatment expertise
  • Hands on management and support
  • Variety of Mobile Rental wastewater treatment solutions
  • Custom design build wastewater treatment solutions (Not made in China)
  • Deep bench of industry partners necessary to complete many projects
  • Deep understanding of your unique challenges and the regulatory environment
  • Extensive ongoing technical support
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