Custom Built Filter Press for Industrial Wastewater Recycle & Reuse


Paints, Coatings and Adhesives manufacturers use lots of water during production and in turn create large volumes of wastewater. The wastewater from manufacturing paints, coatings and adhesives is typically made up of heavy metals, suspended solids, oils and dyes/colorants. Palmetto Wastewater Solutions is the right choice when you need a wastewater dewatering partner who understands the ever-changing regulations, unique type of suspended solids and pollutants, variety of technologies that can be deployed in this industry as well as the handling & disposal of certain contaminants.

Tell us about your facility and your plans to see if we can help.

The Palmetto Wastewater Solutions Difference:

  • Extensive Knowledge of the regulatory environment
  • Custom designed wastewater treatment solutions
  • Decades of complex wastewater treatment experience
  • Smart hands on site when needed
  • Extensive technical support
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