Wastewater and Produced Water Treatment for Beneficial Reuse


The Oil and Gas industry is one of the largest industrial users of water, and these volumes are steadily increasing. Oil & Gas industry wastewater is managed in a number of ways, with underground injection phasing out of producer options. Oil & Gas wastewater and produced water can contain thousands of chemicals and due to the Clean Water Act and other EPA regulations requires a knowledgeable approach to treatment and handling to avoid fines and business disruptions. Palmetto Water Solutions has been serving the Oil & Gas industry for decades and continues to provide cost efficient and reliable solutions whether temporary mobile rentals or permanent custom designed solutions for produced water treatment and wastewater recycling for beneficial reuse.

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Why Palmetto Wastewater Solutions?

  • Decades of Oil & Gas Industry Experience
  • Temporary equipment Rental and permanent custom designed and built solutions
  • Deep understanding of Environmental Regulations
  • On-Demand Engineering support for projects or emergencies
  • Hands on White Glove service and support throughout the duration of the engagement
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