Low Cost Solutions for Environmental Remediation & Wastewater Treatment


The refinery and petroleum industry are large industrial consumers of water. About 2.5 gallons of water are used for every gallon of processed oil, generating lots of wastewater. The wastewater produced by refineries varies depending on the type of oil processed and specific processes employed by the refiner. As environmental regulations become stricter, regional water becomes scarcer and businesses more accountable for their environmental practices, the efficient capture and recycle of wastewater for beneficial reuse is more important than ever. Palmetto Wastewater understands you business, regulations and designs tailored wastewater treatment solutions driven by technology and industry best practices to meet your goals and budget.

Tell us more about your next project and ask us how we help your industry counterparts.

Palmetto Wastewater Services Advantages:

  • Intimate working knowledge of Industry processes and best practices
  • Efficient cost effective solutions to treat the highest percentage of wastewater for beneficial reuse
  • Deep understanding of the regulatory environment
  • Decades of experience on hand to help with any project or problem you may encounter
  • Custom Built wastewater treatment solutions
  • Mobile filter press rental
  • Extensive technical and ongoing support
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