Efficient And Low Cost Wastewater Treatment & Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions

Zero Liquid Discharge is the ultimate-goal and Palmetto Wastewater Solutions can help you get there. Power Generation is one of the largest industrial users of water in the World. Tighter regulations, both State and Federal, are driving Power Producers to be as efficient as possible with collection, treatment and beneficial reuse of ay wastewater produced during their processes. Palmetto Wastewater Solutions has been serving some of the largest names in Power Generation for decades. Our ability to mobilize equipment and manpower in the event of an emergency has built our reputation and earned our Client’s trust, and our extremely competitive quotes and reliable equipment keeps our Clients coming back. Whether you need a mobile Filter Press Rental or a customed designed DAF Solution, Palmetto Wastewater Solutions can help keep you running


Do you need a Mobile Filter Press Rental or a Custom Designed Wastewater Treatment Solution for beneficial reuse?  Reach out today and tell us about your requirements to see if we can help.



  • Trusted by the Largest names in Power Generation
  • Deep knowledge of the Regulatory environment
  • Mobile Equiplment Rental
  • Custom Designed Wastewater Treatment Solutions at highly competitive prices
  • Decades of experience on hand to assist with expert design, instillation, implementation and ongoing support
  • A true partner
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